Discovery English Map 1A

Unit 1 Family
Song- That’s my mother.那是我的媽媽
Conversation-What is your name?你叫甚麼名字
Story-The story of Mark馬克的故事
Phonics-Vowel~A a
Main theme-Family members家庭成員
Unit 2 Family
Song-I love mommy.我愛媽咪
Conversation-This is my father.這是我爸爸
Story-The Story of Mark continued馬克的故事下集
Phonics-Consonant~B b
Main theme-第一、二、三人稱單數/BE動詞
Unit 3 Feelings
Song-If you’re happy and you know it.如果你快樂你就會知道(I)
Conversation-How are you?你好嗎
Story-The story of Emma埃瑪的故事
Phonics- Consonant~C c
Main theme-Feelings情緒的形容詞
Unit 4 Feelings
Song- If you’re happy and you know it.如果你快樂你就會知道(II)
Conversation-I feel sad.我覺得難過
Story-The Story of Emma continued埃瑪的故事下集
Phonics-Review A a B b C c
Main theme-表達感覺、感官動詞的用法
Unit 5 Days
Song-Sunday, Monday 週日.週一
Conversation-What day is it?今天星期幾
Story-The mysterious box 神秘的盒子
Phonics- Consonant~D d
Main theme-Days of the week 星期的用法
Unit 6 Days
Song-Today is Monday. 今天是周一
Conversation-Is today Saturday ?今天是周六嗎
Story-The Mysterious Box Continued神秘的盒子Phonics- Vowel~E e
Main theme- 每周星期的說法與問句