Discovery English Key 4A

Unit 1 Wild animals
Song- Kangaroo Joe喬袋鼠
Conversation-Look there!看那裡
Story-Grandmother’s diary祖母的日記
Phonics- Long vowel ~ a_e
Main theme-wild animals各種野生動物的說法
Unit 2 Wild animals
Song-Little Peter rabbit小彼得兔
Conversation-Did you see that?你有看到嗎
Story-Grandmother’s clue祖母的線索
Phonics- Long vowel ~ ai
Main theme-助動詞can的問句與答句
Unit 3 Jobs and buildings
Song- The firefighter消防員
Conversation-What do you want to be when you grow up?妳長大後想當什麼
Story-Mark’s room馬克的房間
Phonics- Long vowel ~ ee
Main theme-jobs and buildings各種工作與場所的說法
Unit 4 Jobs and buildings
Song- Teachers教師
Conversation-Where are we?我們在哪裡
Story-Getting ready準備好了
Phonics- Review a_e ai ee
Main theme-助動詞want的問句與答句
Unit 5 Transport
Conversation-What are you doing?你正在做什麼
Story- A familiar face熟悉的臉
Phonics- Long Vowel ~ea
Main theme-transportation運輸工具的說法
Unit 6 Transport
Song-The wheels on the bus公交車上的輪子
Conversation-Hurry up!快一點!
Story- Into the woods拜訪森林
Phonics- Long Vowel~i_e
Main theme-詢問去目的地How的問句/I go to…答句