Discovery English Key 4C

Unit 1 City life
Song- The train song嘟嘟小火車
Conversation-What do you want to do today?你今天想要做什麼
Story-Something in the forest森林裡的東西
Phonics- clock map king queen
Main theme-city life城市生活地點的說法
Unit 2 City life
Song-Watching traffic注意交通安全
Story-A strange sight一個奇怪的景觀
Phonics- flag bell swan puppy
Main theme-BE動詞 going to未來式的用法
Unit 3 Daily routine
Song- This is the way就是這個方式
Conversation-What time do you go to bed?你幾點上床睡覺呢
Story-The sad thief難過的小偷
Phonics- dish shirt glass jeans
Main theme-daily routine各種日常生活名稱的說法
Unit 4 Daily routine
Song- Time for lunch午餐時間到了
Conversation-Did you brush your teeth?你有刷牙了嗎
Phonics- Review long and short vowels and blends
Main theme-現在簡單式句型搭配時間與動作
Unit 5 Winter chores
Song- Snow is falling下雪囉
Conversation-It’s cold today. Don’t forget your gloves.今天好冷喔!別忘記戴手套囉!
Story- A cry for help哭求幫助
Phonics- jacket sweater shoes socks
Main theme-winter chores冬季家務的說法
Unit 6 Winter chores
Song- Icy toes冰裡的腳指頭
Conversation-Bless you! Are you okay?老天保佑你!你還好嗎
Story- An ending and a new beginning一個結束和另一個開始
Phonics- Review long and short vowels and blends
Main theme-未來式will的句型用法