Discovery English Clue 3A

Unit 1 Jobs and buildings
Song- The firemen消防員
Conversation-What does your mother do?你媽媽的職是什麼
Story-The journey out of the city遠離城市的旅行
Phonics- Consonant Digraphs ~ th
Main theme-jobs and buildings職業與工作場所的說法
Unit 2 Jobs and buildings
Conversation-Where does your father work?你爸爸在哪里工作
Phonics- Consonant Digraphs ~ ch
Main theme-第三人稱BE動詞與一般動詞直述句用法
Unit 3 Food
Song- Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar誰從餅乾罐偷走了餅乾
Conversation-What is your favorite fruit?你最喜歡的水果是什麼
Story-Return to Mark’s home回到馬克的家
Phonics- Consonant Digraphs ~ sh
Main theme-food各種食物的說法
Unit 4 Food
Song- Hot cross buns熱圓麵包
Conversation-Can I have the carrots, please?我可以吃紅蘿蔔嗎
Story-The discovery探索
Phonics-Review th ch sh
Main theme-第一人稱單數現在簡單式直述句/否定句的用法
Unit 5 Home
Song-London bridge倫敦大橋
Conversation-Where do you live?你住哪裡
Story-The picture照片
Phonics- Blends~cl bl fl pl
Main theme-home住家環境的說法
Unit 6 Home
Song-Some people live in人們住在這裡
Conversation-What is your favorite room?你最喜歡的房間是什麼
Story-Mark’s grandmother馬克的祖母
Phonics- Blends~cr dr br gr
Main theme-Where第一.二人稱現在是BE動詞問句及答句用法