Discovery English Clue 3B

Unit 1 Games
Song- Say, say, oh playmate 說吧!說吧!玩伴
Conversation-What are you doing?你正在做什麼
Story-A surprise for grandmother給祖母的驚喜
Phonics- Blends ~ sw tw
Main theme-games 各種遊戲的說法
Unit 2 Games
Song-Miss Mary Mack瑪莉麥克小姐
Conversation-Let’s play a game!我們來玩遊戲吧
Story-Grandmother’s secret祖母的秘密
Phonics- Review blends cl bl fl pl cr dr br gr sw tw
Main theme-第二人稱現在簡單式問句與答句用法
Unit 3 Summer traditions
Song- A camping we will go我們會去露營
Conversation-Let’s have a picnic!我們來野餐吧
Story-Grandmother’s necklace祖母的項鍊
Phonics- Blends ~ nd ld
Main theme-summer traditions夏季活動的說法
Unit 4 Summer traditions
Song- Ants at the picnic野餐的螞蟻
Conversation-It’s so hot today.今天好熱
Story-Grandmother’s story祖母的故事
Phonics- Blends ~nt st rt lt
Main theme-第二人稱現在簡單式問句/使役動詞Let’s用法
Unit 5 Farm life
Song-Five little ducks五隻小鴨
Conversation-What’s wrong?怎麼了
Story- Grandmother’s story continued祖母的故事下集
Phonics- Consonant digraphs ~sh ch tch th
Main theme-farm life農場活動的說法
Unit 6 Farm life
Song-I’m a little piggy我是隻小豬
Conversation-Can you ride a horse?你會騎馬嗎
Story- Grandmother’s story continued祖母的故事下集
Phonics- Review nd st ch lt th ld nt tch rt sh
Main theme-have to的問句及答句用法